About 47 years ago,at age 20, I found myself in a state of despair, confusion and lacking direction. I had come from a loving home with supportive parents that let me have the freedom to choose my beliefs and what I would do with my life. I had been going to school to become a teacher so that I could help kids. It was then that everything changed and a new quest emerged.

   I needed answers. I needed to  know what this experience was all about and how, if at all, am I connected. I somehow felt that there must be a part of us that “knew”, that we could contact and that would  guide us in the right direction. This desire for a teacher led me to books, to meditation, to prayer and  actually listening to the “still small voice. What I offer here are my findings and writings and my beliefs that have given me the inner strength to weather the storms of life.

   Recently I learned that a blog is something we do to help others and hopefully be beneficial enough to change their lives. I hope that through this site you will find ideas that will empower you and help to give possible answers to many of our questions. These are my findings and what I have been taught and I do not profess to be anyone other than a regular guy that took the time to ask,to seek,to listen and to follow the promptings from within. What this requires is to empty ourselves of what we think we know and be open to new ways of seeing. We were given the gift of choice,and that is a key part to letting this world and our lives be filled with Love,Peace and Joy. Enlightenment is not a pipe dream but something we should strive for to help us remember our Higher Self and our oneness with all Life.

   This is a spiritual journey and my sole purpose is to share what i have learned and hope it can help you in some way along your own journey. I welcome your input and thoughts!

   I ask that you start by reading the post from November 2014 entitled “first post”. This will help introduce the posts that follow.

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