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forum response

It has always amazed me how mankind, mostly men, have taken sacred writings intended to help us ALL find the path home and twisted them to suit themselves. But then that’s what we do when we believe we are “human”. We believe we are individuals, separated from the One life and from each other, not to mention from everything else. This belief keeps us from the Truth and fosters actions that are self centered. To truly seek, find, and follow the Way is not an easy task and requires a “dying daily”, if what we want is to know who we are…and how to “be” that while we are here.

I was taught that the Bible was the story of man’s quest for contact and communion with the Source of all that is, a guidebook of answers to questions we All have. The final example for us is the life of Jesus, who manifested the Christ, our real selves, the child of the One life. This example applies to All of us no matter what path you “think” is right for you…but it has nothing to do with religion! Religion has only set up more separateness, more my way/your way, more I’m right-you’re not, more division in the ranks: this is not oneness!

We can study and quote “books” all day long but the “things of the Spirit are spiritually discerned”. We can pick out select quotes and come up with all sorts of “concepts that justify our beliefs, but that is not Truth. These “concepts” have caused the abominations that we want to rid ourselves of and not advanced us toward lives free of “the ills of the flesh”. How far have we really come? Have we overcome war, hatred, poverty, sickness(dis-ease), selfishness, or intolerance? then it appears we have missed the mark, that we have not found the “pearl of great price”, nor TRUELY heard the “good news”.

Man wants to know, but only if it fits into a neat little box and lets him be comfortable with what he perceives the answer to be. To follow the path we were told to “pick up your cross daily, to pray without ceasing, to seek FIRST the Kingdom, to resist not evil, to sell all we have, to forgive 70×7 and to be as a little child. To be detached, to be more righteous than the norm, to love even our enemies, to let our eye(vision) be single, to know that we ALL are the temple of God and that the Kingdom we seek is within us. These are hard sayings, difficult when we believe there are 2 powers-God and….difficult when we believe we are NOT God in expression, difficult when we have forgotten who we really are……….”be ye therefore perfect”.

It’s sad that we continue to limit ourselves and limit God, when we have been shown many times that there is another way, a way that does not label what IS, but lets it BE and show itself to us when we “be still and know”. There is only one Life, infinite Life, There is only one consciousness, infinite consciousness and there

is only one soul, infinite soul. The soul of God embraces man, the consciousness of God contains man and the Life of God is the Life of man…..not a part of it, but all of it………..


a short story

There was a man who was moved to his depths by the things he saw around him in the world. Such opposites, such seeming contradictions and an apparent battle for control between the “forces of good and evil. How can this be he thought. Is this all there is to this short life experience? To be born, deal with s–t, and die; with some good thrown in to ease the pain?

Searching, always searching for that “something” to fill the gap, the empty place inside. What is it that makes it all make sense, and what are these voices I hear that lead me in two seeming opposite directions? How do I find balance, understanding, direction, peace…and what is it I truly need to fill this empty space? There are so many teachings, perceptions, concepts and theories. Am I really part of all this or just some limited concept of what I AM?

The desire, the teachings, the quest eventually guided the man to seek within himself, where somehow he instinctively knew there was a connection to the infinite. He studied the coin and realized there were 2 sides, but only ONE coin….The yin/yang, but only ONE symbol. So perhaps things are not actually as they seem……. but what about evil and the duality that is such a part of this sojourn……….There must be one who knows…I will ask, seek, knock…………..

God, Life, Being…why is there evil? I have found through my quest that you are perfect, that as a loving father(as I have tried to be)you would not create things that would harm or hinder me in my expression of myself. Lessons yes, but eternal torment, torture by others, murder, disease and finally non-existence….what’s the point?

So the man went to it was quiet, away from the world and it’s demands. He denied the senses and the body and focused on that part within that must be the connection to the ALL, to God…He asked…who am I, why am I here, what of this duality the world teaches?……………………………………………………………..silence……….

And God answered and said “my beloved child, you have remembered me and that is the first step. You seek to know who you really are and that is the second step. You want to be what I created to be and that is the third step. The final step will you letting Me be Me through you, and that will change the way you see the world and how you react with it. It will help change the world, for what you do affects all because you are all One. You have learned it is difficult, at best, to use the finite to explain the Infinite, to take an experience and put it into words. Though it has been done many times to help you understand, those teachings have been twisted because the experience was not fully realized and then shared. Translation and opinions were used instead because the ego(your belief we are separate)does not want to relinquish it’s acquired reality.

The Truth is, we are not separated and never have been, nothing can change that! What makes this separation seem real is that you THINK we are. This comes from the experience in the material plane, the finite, the home as it were, of the self. Your true Self knows only Oneness and perfection and that all things are the expression of the One Life…that there is One coin. This experience came about with your desire to know good and bad, duality, the CONCEPT that separation was possible. The body is the expression of that concept, the infinite confined. This was, is, the use of your free will, your ability to be co-creator, to express My will and purpose. You are a seed planted in the soil of earth(material world) and to grow up through the darkness of the soil and bear fruit richly. The experiences are to teach you there is another way to SEE the world.

The path to remember has been provided, created along with your original choice, and has nothing to do with “religion”. The path is an inner journey and requires only that you would let that part of you that knows teach you. It is a simple path that always gives you a choice, two voices that would show you the way. The voice of the self(ego) stands for separation and the belief in duality; and the voice of the Self that stands for unity and the reality of Oneness. The choice is always yours and everything you feel you need has already been provide. If you would know the origin of evil….look within….If you would help to remove it from this experience refuse to give it power, in yourself and in others. Listen instesd to the voice that teaches Love, peace(of mind) and Oneness.

I have given you life, share it. I have given you everything, find it and use it to create a world based on My Divine purpose….the perfect expression of Myself. Is that not a worthy goal? Sow the right seeds and the harvest will be great and shared by ALL. You have been told to “seek first the Kingdom(your true home) and all else will be added”, what better path to follow than to find who you really are……and BE that……….Love is the key……………

70’s #3

“To learn as we grow old, the secrets of our soul”

I hope within these pages to record the thoughts, feelings, realizations, dreams, desires and contacts with my Self and the soul of Life.

Many times I have been drawn to write and let the inside out, to share- if only with myself- what needs expression from within. The need to learn and share and love is great…it is Life. The Truth is the same for all…all are one. If I change my life then I effect the whole, for I am man. How far would man be if he had given himself to God?

I’d like to find out, since I am here, while still doing the things required by Life as a man. Sometimes these things seem cumbersome and I am awkward. There is a harmony that exists, and the flow of energy is pure, and the is union of body and Spirit…I must find it…I must be it…

Just suppose we are all Spirit in a state of consciousness that knows only Life and were given the gift of choice to learn “of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” Born into the material world to learn of matter, to be immersed, and to return to the Spirit, our natural state. There are many lessons to learn-the harmony of nature, brotherhood, understanding and wisdom and Love-who we are… We learn what is real and worthwhile and what harms. The sooner we learn the sooner we return “home”.  It is always our choice to be free or to be slaves.

If we are one with God, with all, with ourselves, then isn’t it all alright? How would we act and think if we knew? Don’t we really already know if we take the time and effort to find out? We are children of the Light, sons and daughters of the most high, searching  to find the way home…to learn mastery with Love.

If I trace all things back to their origin I find there is mind, and then  Spirit and infinity…all are One, and because the comprehension, the full understanding of infinity-God- is so “out of touch” man personalizes THAT WHICH IS, and thinks, creates, his own god. Now within God man has reason and mind power, both creative and imaginative. We may imagine anything we so desire, and by the amount of energy-through our thoughts and feelings-we give an image, so does it become real. We are able to create anything in thought and therefore in body(earth)-all within the eternal NOW.

Man has the ability to choose as he wills, which makes him god. Yet he limits himself and thereby limits God. The fact that we see harmony and inharmony makes us separate and judge….when in reality man is also able to remove his limitations, and know, and be…God. Thus will he see unity…yet understand why there appears to be division…and that both are words and relative to man. Heaven and earth are states of mind(consciousness) and we have the choice to know and express what we “will”. Ideas are states of mind, all are united and all are real or unreal, as we choose. Therefore choose….life or death, joy or sorrow, light or darkness, love or hate, fear or understanding, heaven or hell…it’s all part of what “is”, and only awaits our acceptance and devotion to be real…

Our understanding will bring us peace and contentment, in a forgiveness, an awareness of our true Self. We can give freely of all that is asked of us because we know…that I AM the source of whatever expresses. Either I limit the source or not, it is my choice, and it revolves around what I “think” I am. There is always a way for each of us to open the door of understanding, it but awaits our readiness. As easily as we see evil we can see the good. We alone can turn our hell into heaven. We have set before us this day, and every day, life and death, good and evil, heaven and hell…..choose whom you will serve.

What will we manifest???      as for me and mine we shall serve the Lord of Love and seek total vision.

70’s # 2

Love is law…

Law is perfect and there is nothing that happens that is not the perfect action of Love. We see duality yet there is oneness. This is a paradox. Can I possibly speak of infinity using words? For only infinity expresses itself and only totally can it be seen and understood.

Because we relate and express with words…we explain, discuss, theorize, oneness. I get confused at times trying to write about what IS….therefore I will let what IS express through me whatever it wills; for only the all knows about the all.

If I am sick I will go to a doctor. If I do not know or am lost I will go to one that does know and if I do not know who or what that is I must have faith that it is ever-present and all knowing…something must be. Therefore I need not worry or fear or feel separation because Life knows what is best for itself and expresses that perfection.

I am an artist, sayeth Life, and this body(personality) shall express what I choose to express. Knowing this I know creation and knowing creation I may create whatever I will…I will create a perfect expression of myself and will be that. What else is there but a perfect expression of myself. “doubt not, only believe.” It’s really very simple isn’t it? why of course, why would I make it difficult?… unless I had forgotten who I was and didn’t know any better.

Everywhere-tools with which to express myself. I am that I am. Infinite variety and unlimited supply. What shall I do? where shall I go? What shall I say and how will I know what IS? There are so many words and experiences, and consciousness is so finite, I am constantly awed. It is so beautiful if I will but see it and know it…and love it…all of it. Being at ease and natural in all that I experience.

I open my arms to embrace my love, I am embraced. I am dissolved in the Spirit of Love that passes all understanding… that which is, and to know it all I must do is embrace my love. If there is anything that I am able to contribute, let it be a pure expression of and for Love.

Tender loving care…The kingdom is within us and nowhere will it br found without. And when it is found and lived, then it is everywhere.

Soon the within becomes the without and the Spiritual expresses as the physical. We see that all along we have been the perfect children that God created in the beginning…it is a matter of trust, faith and surrender; knowing that if we give ourselves completely over to the Spirit that all will be taken care of as circumstances present themselves. We need only seek to dwell, at all times, in God’s presence and His kingdom will manifest to us…..not as I will but as Love wills, then we are One.