70’s # 2

Love is law…

Law is perfect and there is nothing that happens that is not the perfect action of Love. We see duality yet there is oneness. This is a paradox. Can I possibly speak of infinity using words? For only infinity expresses itself and only totally can it be seen and understood.

Because we relate and express with words…we explain, discuss, theorize, oneness. I get confused at times trying to write about what IS….therefore I will let what IS express through me whatever it wills; for only the all knows about the all.

If I am sick I will go to a doctor. If I do not know or am lost I will go to one that does know and if I do not know who or what that is I must have faith that it is ever-present and all knowing…something must be. Therefore I need not worry or fear or feel separation because Life knows what is best for itself and expresses that perfection.

I am an artist, sayeth Life, and this body(personality) shall express what I choose to express. Knowing this I know creation and knowing creation I may create whatever I will…I will create a perfect expression of myself and will be that. What else is there but a perfect expression of myself. “doubt not, only believe.” It’s really very simple isn’t it? why of course, why would I make it difficult?… unless I had forgotten who I was and didn’t know any better.

Everywhere-tools with which to express myself. I am that I am. Infinite variety and unlimited supply. What shall I do? where shall I go? What shall I say and how will I know what IS? There are so many words and experiences, and consciousness is so finite, I am constantly awed. It is so beautiful if I will but see it and know it…and love it…all of it. Being at ease and natural in all that I experience.

I open my arms to embrace my love, I am embraced. I am dissolved in the Spirit of Love that passes all understanding… that which is, and to know it all I must do is embrace my love. If there is anything that I am able to contribute, let it be a pure expression of and for Love.

Tender loving care…The kingdom is within us and nowhere will it br found without. And when it is found and lived, then it is everywhere.

Soon the within becomes the without and the Spiritual expresses as the physical. We see that all along we have been the perfect children that God created in the beginning…it is a matter of trust, faith and surrender; knowing that if we give ourselves completely over to the Spirit that all will be taken care of as circumstances present themselves. We need only seek to dwell, at all times, in God’s presence and His kingdom will manifest to us…..not as I will but as Love wills, then we are One.


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