I was born in the late 40s to  parents that had been married 10 years. My dad was 40 and my mom 28 and had had  only one date which sparked a love that kept them married for 57 years and I believe would still be together today if they had not passed on.

My younger childhood was pretty normal,for the time, My parents took me to church and got me involved in the YMCA and Cub Scouts. These three things,along with my parents good example,formed the values I carry with me today and how I deal with others. During those years I exceled in sports but came to realize I was not competitive or aggressive and so focused on learning and finding my own path.

During High School I studied Architecture and continued into Jr.College until I was drafted and had to deal with another set of life changing circumstances. I had already begun to seek for answers and guidance due to an event that left me quite heartbroken and confused.I applied for CO status,was drafted and refused induction. I was then summoned to court against the US and released without consequences as a CO. It was then I realized that the guidance I was asking for was real and I needed to follow that still small voice within.

During my time in college I worked as a carpenter,studied and spent my spare time reading books and contemplating the mysteries of Life. My normal life completely changed,which showed when I let my hair and beard grow and became vegetarian. I guess  I had become a “hippie”, but that was not the label that truly fit.It was then I knew it was time to journey,take to the road and to spend quality time alone to discover who I was and why I was here seeking these answers and questioning the norm.

At 25 I was living in a log cabin with a good friend on the Columbia River in Oregon. It was owned by a church and we were given the ok to stay as long as we needed.I then lived on the road in  my 59 VW bus until I ended up in Missoula Montana where I got a job building log homes and had to clean up my appearance so I could fit in. From there I went to Oregon again and got a job as a cabinet maker until I moved back to my home town in California to build a house for my parents with my brother. At 30 I fell in love,got married and now had a family,which was a whole new experience for this nomad recluse,an experience I would not change for any reason. We are no longer together but still good close friends and  have 3 wonderful kids and 8 grandkids.

After our daughter was 9 months old we moved to Oregon again and have been here ever since.I worked as a carpenter and finally a cabinetmaker. I owned my own business for many years,worked at other shops and am now a kitchen designer at a large retail store. There have been trying times and getting hooked up with people who did not have the best intensions or moral values,but in line with what I had learned helped me see and understand the inner workings of the EGO.

Now,47 years after my quest began I have no acceptable degrees or formal training to show,only years of devotion to seeking answers and following the teachings of those who gave us the message of hope and Love. What I do have is a desire to share what I have been taught and how to become an open vessel that Life is waiting to fill……………..















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