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   If you ventured far enough to read the page entitled Life,then let us begin…

   To say this is a challenge for me is an understatement! I don’t consider myself a writer,though i have written,but these blogs should be enjoyable to read. It is different putting on paper what you are feeling inside,knowing you are the only one to see it.To now bring all that i feel and understand and have been taught and believe to the surface and truly share it with others is a little daunting.

   I know that to do this well I must follow the advice of a wise man who once told me: if you’re going to write,do not worry about the reader but write for yourself, let it be an expression of who you are….and so i will.

   I do not consider myself religious because I feel that religion was man made and the truth of the messages given has been distorted and too many times used for personal gain. I prefer spiritual with a grounding in Christ and the teachings given to us by a man named Jesus. This is because of my upbringing and because I believe he spoke to all men/women as part of one family. This does not void or replace other great teachers and their gifts, but enhances their teachings and brings a better picture of what we are able to do and understand. It seemed to me that the Truth was given to us all and though we may have forgotten or even refused to seek it, it applies to all and will bring the enlightenment we so desperately need.

   Each of us must embark on the journey to discover and incorporate into our lives the answers that have been waiting for us to remember- It isn’t something we don’t already possess or is part of our very nature- it’s that we have forgotten, we make and have made decisions based on misconceptions of who we truly are and the power we have been given.

   These blogs that I share will be random writings from the past 40+ years and  the hope they will help others on their journey. There are others that perhaps see these same things and word them more eloquently, but these are from a simple traveler and friend,  someone who had questions and took the time to ask for answers and guidance. There will be thoughts that are not the accepted beliefs, and these you should question and think on as I did…..we must learn to think outside the box and be open to the infinite possibilities that are available. I hope we can help and teach each other and discover the Truth that sets us free!

One thought on “First Blog

  1. Vard Whittick

    Good for you Tom! You have always been a seeker of knowledge, both internal and external.

    Hope to get up to see you sometime. VW


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