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It has always amazed me how mankind, mostly men, have taken sacred writings intended to help us ALL find the path home and twisted them to suit themselves. But then that’s what we do when we believe we are “human”. We believe we are individuals, separated from the One life and from each other, not to mention from everything else. This belief keeps us from the Truth and fosters actions that are self centered. To truly seek, find, and follow the Way is not an easy task and requires a “dying daily”, if what we want is to know who we are…and how to “be” that while we are here.

I was taught that the Bible was the story of man’s quest for contact and communion with the Source of all that is, a guidebook of answers to questions we All have. The final example for us is the life of Jesus, who manifested the Christ, our real selves, the child of the One life. This example applies to All of us no matter what path you “think” is right for you…but it has nothing to do with religion! Religion has only set up more separateness, more my way/your way, more I’m right-you’re not, more division in the ranks: this is not oneness!

We can study and quote “books” all day long but the “things of the Spirit are spiritually discerned”. We can pick out select quotes and come up with all sorts of “concepts that justify our beliefs, but that is not Truth. These “concepts” have caused the abominations that we want to rid ourselves of and not advanced us toward lives free of “the ills of the flesh”. How far have we really come? Have we overcome war, hatred, poverty, sickness(dis-ease), selfishness, or intolerance? then it appears we have missed the mark, that we have not found the “pearl of great price”, nor TRUELY heard the “good news”.

Man wants to know, but only if it fits into a neat little box and lets him be comfortable with what he perceives the answer to be. To follow the path we were told to “pick up your cross daily, to pray without ceasing, to seek FIRST the Kingdom, to resist not evil, to sell all we have, to forgive 70×7 and to be as a little child. To be detached, to be more righteous than the norm, to love even our enemies, to let our eye(vision) be single, to know that we ALL are the temple of God and that the Kingdom we seek is within us. These are hard sayings, difficult when we believe there are 2 powers-God and….difficult when we believe we are NOT God in expression, difficult when we have forgotten who we really are……….”be ye therefore perfect”.

It’s sad that we continue to limit ourselves and limit God, when we have been shown many times that there is another way, a way that does not label what IS, but lets it BE and show itself to us when we “be still and know”. There is only one Life, infinite Life, There is only one consciousness, infinite consciousness and there

is only one soul, infinite soul. The soul of God embraces man, the consciousness of God contains man and the Life of God is the Life of man…..not a part of it, but all of it………..


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