I thought one of the first things I should do is explain my meaning of a word I will use often-God. This word conjures up a wide range of feelings,ideas,concepts and theories;yet we are not united in a common understanding.

 Life is always thought of as the animate objects, but don’t the inanimate objects have the same basic composition-atoms ,electrons ,etc.? Then that would mean that everything we see has Life as it’s essence and is an expression of that Life. It would also mean that everything is interconnected and part of the Oneness of Being. If Life is our essence and Life=God then God is our essence because I believe the two words are interchangeable. If you think there is no God then it follows there must be no Life, and we know that is not true.

   There are those who say “show me God”, to which I have replied, “how can you not see God”. Look around, look in the mirror, look at what the One mind has expressed. Take away the incredible things man has built and see the beauty and diversity of the planet, the galaxy we live in and the infinity of the Universe and all that goes on within it. It is for me mind boggling to think this came from One mind, one source. This for me is “Being”.

   What do I believe God/Life is to me…..parent, creator, friend, teacher, lover, the underlying essence of all things. What are the attributes….Love, patience, forgiveness, wisdom, tolerance, understanding and intelligence. I believe if I choose not to believe I choose not to connect myself to all things and believe that I am alone. This being said, where then does the negative side come in? If God/Life is a coin with 2 sides, and there must be 2 sides, seeing both the negative and positive is seeing duality and not just the ONE coin which is Oneness. We have been here thousands of years experiencing duality and how that plays out, and now it  is time to awaken and see only Oneness-the unity of all things……Love is the key!

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